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Hand Embroidery - our history and culture in physical form

Get to know about the vibrant history and types of this beautiful practice.

Historically India has always been famous for its Hand Embroidery. It had started way back in the third century BC from Megasthenes and has continued till now. One could say that hand Embroidery reflects the region's culture and religious outlook. Hence it is essential that we know and incorporates these Hand Embroidery types.

Gujarati Hand Embroidery : The Bhuj area in Surat is famous worldwide for its patchwork designs. They use colourful and vibrant designs to really reflect Gujarat's bright and warm vibe. They mainly use the chain stitch method.

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Chikankari : This intricate and delicate embroidery is prevalent in many parts of Lucknow. It is said to be started by Nur Jahan, the wife of the current Mughal Emperor Jahangir. A Chinkankari piece is usually started by Block printing patterns on it. Then Craftsman weave and stitch using these patterns as a reference and finally the clothes are washed to remove these patterns. If you have a taste in such delicate and fine things, you may want to look into this Hand Embroidery.

Rajasthan Handicraft : We all know the trademark Rajasthani designs. These designs were done for camel seats and clothes and their characteristic faded Colors oozes of nostalgia and longing. They are very famous in the city of Jaisalmer.

Kantha : Kantha had originated in Bengal and Odisha and is well known for its simplicity. It is done by simple threads to showcase symbols of birds, animals or everyday simple activities. Its inherent simplicity is beautiful and hence has attracted its designs on sarees, bed covers, wall hangings and many such everyday items.

Chamba Rumal : Chamba Rumal is the characteristic and primary Hand Embroidery in Himachal. Fabrics like Muslin and Khaddar are used for these types of hand embroidery.
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