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Travel cool with these travel wear - stay classy, wear sassy!

Traveling sounds hectic, but have you ever thought of traveling in your favourite or new outfits which make your mood exceptionally bright? Yes, let's get into detail .

I love to describe my new clothes, the way they shine, their fragrance, the way they glow, it's all about the way you perceive them. Beginning with the weekdays, since half of my readers are working, I'd want to start with Office wear, those are uncomfortable formal clothing which is a must to your respective workplaces, that includes - Shirts, trousers, chinos, boots, ties and a blazer. These make one look dashing but at the same time they don't make us happy because there is work pressure. Moving on to our favourite days, the weekends where in people party , go for vacations and what not. A casual dinner or lunch date with our friends or loved ones should be a day to relax so according to that, A tee shirt and denim jeans or three fourths would be a comfortable and casual day!

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Talking about vacations, when we decide to stop at an exotic location, the first thing which comes to our mind is clothing, what to wear? what would suit on us? So according to the destination, if the view is sunny and beachy, a sleeveless tee shirt and three fourths would be suitable for men and sleeveless shoet dresses with frill or subtle colors with various bracelets and a hat would look classy on women! The common attire for everyone would be sunglasses which would be a cherry on the top.

These travel wear fit perfectly with their respective locations so if you guys liked my suggestions, then do use them and look completely stylish and feel unique because it's a world od innovation, stay classy, wear sassy!

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