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Shopping Opportunities near Andheri market

One's collection of clothes can attain a different vibe only through unconventional means.

Shopping opportunities near Andheri Station are immense. The whole area is flooded with people. The constant chaos and noise are strangely stimulating. When you walk down the main road connecting the station you can see the diverse small stalls. These stalls offer cheap clothes, food and general goods. Here many find extremely cheap goods which are easily available.This constant flux of people has also attracted many jewellery and accessories stores. Some of them are Kundan Jewellers and Areesa Jewellers. There is also an immense variety of clothing stores. Generally, these stores are in various shopping complexes near the station. Some of the must-visit shopping centres are Nadco Shopping Centre Aradhana Shopping Centre, Bony Plaza and Aarsa Shopping Centre.

Before we list to individual stores let's discuss one more thing which may be lingering in some people's minds. Why bother with these intensely crowded areas. Why not go to the confined air-conditioned stores or the premium malls for your shopping. You see, fashion needs to be diverse and that's what makes it so creatively stimulating. one can easily spend several thousand on premium clothes brought from secluded malls. But one can also connect with the roots of Indian Culture and handpick the best of the best, from an array of shops competing for your attention. One's collection of clothes can attain a different vibe only through unconventional means.So, If you are looking for Women's Ethnic clothing do visit Urvashi. Milano is another store which has a good collection of exclusive designers. Also, Give Novelty a visit. It has a good collection of Handbags and other accessories. Chiller Party is the best kid's wear store in the area. The Andheri Station market has a captivating aura. Everyone is always in a hurry there. From the Crowded Vada pav stall owners rushing to serve spicy Vada Pavs to their hungry customers to the car driver rushing forward while honking aggressively. While this may shock any new-comers, people who regular this place grow used to it. It is strangely comforting.

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