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Different Ways of Draping a Saree - a comprehensive guide.

A Guide for new Saree Enthusiasts.

Simplicity leads to timelessness. A simple concept can get so ingrained in our heads that it can last many centuries in our minds. Human culture is built on such simple concepts. It is essential for us in the long run. One of such simple concepts is a Saree. Think about it. It is just a simple cloth wrapped around the body. Now, when such a simple concept develops complex intricacies is when things get interesting. Here are some of the many ways in which a Saree can be worn in these intricate forms.

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GUJARATI: This is a popular option. While this style allows freedom of movement, it also showcases the intricate threadwork of the Pallu.
SOUTH INDIAN HALF SAREE: A Modern twist to a timeless style. Half Saree looks more modern and is less time-consuming. It is popular among young women.
MAHARASHTRIAN : The Maharashtrian style is well represented in recent media and is in tune with the current trend. Its unique style provides freedom to move. This was historically done to perform the energetic Lavani dance.
BENGALI: Bengali sarees are usually white in colour and have intricate thread work on the border of their sarees. The Bengali style may be a little complicated but showcases this thread work perfectly. It looks elegant and hence is immensely popular all over India.
DOUBLE PALLU : Many modern twists make wearing saree fun and appealing to the young generation of our society. The double pallu adds one more pallu to the outfit giving it the much-needed glamour in a gathering.
MERMAID AND LEHENGA : These are one of the newer styled adapted. They look modern and elegant at the same time.
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