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Footwear for Women - a basic guide

Parties. Weddings Get-together One cannot truly look good without good footwear.

Parties,Weddings, Get-togethers. One cannot truly look good without good footwear. A good outfit with lacklustre footwear leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouths. It's like bad seasoning on a good meal. Sure, it tastes good but the expectation for it to look perfect is not met and hence you are slightly disappointed.Hence here is a guide to start off your journey to perfect footwear.

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BALLET FLATS : These are perfect for a casual get-together or general gathering. This footwear will enhance your Femininity and enhance your casual attire.
LOAFERS: These serve as an alternative to normal shoes. Perfect for an office setting, these shoes are comfortable and provide for a tangy twist.
ANKLE BOOTS: Want to have that high-end celebrity look? Try Ankle Boots. These are comfortable and mostly available in neutral colours. They are a must for a high-end fashion gathering.
WEDGES: These are the best general footwear. While this can be worn for regular use, it is also perfectly fine to rock them at a party. These are comfortable and popular due to its many applications.
CLASSIC PUMP : Do you want to significantly increase your overall elegance and charm? These classic heels are very mainstream and for a good reason. These are perfect for formal occasions.
HEELS : Heels are perfect for eye-catching outfits. This footwear is widely available in many stores. They will make your look more feminine and bold at the same time.
ETHNIC : If you are wearing Ethnic wear, it is necessary that you compliment your attire with the relevant footwear. Good ethnic footwear can make or break your look.
STORES : So, if you want to start your footwear journey I would recommend visiting stores like Mobile Nation, Fashion Feet, Shaagun, Walk N Wear, Modern Heels. If you want to know more about these stores, check out the Store section of Onestylz Blogs. You will have a detailed account for each of these stores.

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