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Handbags - basic types

Where and when should you use the immense variety of Handbags available in the market?

Buying Handbags can be very addicting. When you have a collection of Handbags of different types, it can be difficult to categorise and choose which one to carry and on which occasion. Read this blog if you have this problem( or you just want to buy some good handbags).
Here are some Popular types of Handbags.
SHOULDER BAG :This Bag is not flashy and hence perfect for regular use. It is a comfortable and useful bag that you can mindlessly carry with you anywhere and anytime you want to shop for groceries or other such mundane tasks. This handbag is perfect if you want a useful product which also looks good.

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SATCHEL :Satchels are known for their versatile nature. It had that much needed feminine touch and is the favoured shape of many High-end designer handbags. Some Satchels also come with a detachable long strap.This should be your choice if you are looking for a tiny flamboyant article to compliment your outfit.
QUILTED BAG :Feeling adventurous or ambitious or both?. Want to spend your money on something premium and high-end? Then you should invest in quilted bags. Chanel, Prada and Hermes are some of the better known quilted bag options. Having these bags will definitely ramp up your class and style.
BUCKET BAG :Want something classy and elegant but also want to carry anything and everything with you. You may want to look into Bucket Bags. These are available in all sizes and their thread and magnet contraption prevents anything from spilling out.Also, these are pretty trendy currently.
DUFFEL BAG :This roomy and cylindrical bag is also made of flexible and waterproof materials. This bag keeps in mind the practicalities of life and hence is perfect for the average working-class woman.
These are some popular handbags available In the market. If you are feeling inspired and want to but some handbags right away, check out the handpicked exclusives below. Also, if you want a flat 10% discount on a variety of products available in Mumbai avail for the Onestyz gold Membership.

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