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Jazz up your outfit with bags

The generation before the millennials used to collect stamps and coins while we millennials believe in storing bags and shoes.

Carrying a bag can elevate the whole look of your outfit and so it is very important to choose the correct one. With so many options and different types, it has become confusing to select the appropriate one. Here we have a list of the few mandatory ones that must be a part of your closet.

a)Shoulder bag- There are various sizes for shoulder bags but purchase a bag that is not too big and too small for your body size. Shoulder bags must be comfortable because this is usually the go to bag during travelling as well. Make sure the daily essentials fit in this one. Its most likely for people to overuse this type of bag and so it is best to invest in a good quality, longlasting bag.

b)Sling bag- This is a small bag that we often end up taking to parties and dinner dates. Throw in your house keys, some cash, card, your phone and you are ready to go. A black sling matches with all your clothes, so if you don’t have it, hurry up! 2-3 colors and styles of a sling bag are enough to indicate your creativity and newness.

c)Clutch- Such a bag is most used at times of some wedding or event when you are fully dressed. They are small and can accommodate only a few things. We often find people carrying golden or plain black clutches because that tends to match with most Indian outfits. They are classy and sophisticated.

d)Wallets and wristlets- Wristlets are just like wallets except they do not have compartments and are more functional. This is specifically only for your cash, cards and identification poofs. Even if women carry bags, a wallet is always in their bag. Cannot leave your house without a bag! Wristlets give it a fancier effect and are equally comfortable. Either one of these two is of significance.

e)Bucket bag- These are also called Hobo bags. They are deeper than and not as wide as the regular totes. Wear them on your shoulder to give it a casual look as hold them in your hand for a party. They are convenient and just another style. Pick this up if you need to have your whole closet with you but are bored of the shoulder bag.

f)Beach bag- The name says it all! These bags are usually cotton based and have cute prints on it. Wear it with a bikini or monokini costume to store your beach essentials in this bag. Serves best for mothers and pregnant women. This is not a very expensive bag and has no quality requirement as well, for obvious reasons.

Look simple, classy, extravagant, elegant, chic or sassy with your choice of bag and match it with the correct pair of clothes and shoes. Women agree, one cannot have enough handbags!

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