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Rayon - things you must know

All the things you must know about this wonderful material.

These things might cross your mind when I utter the word 'rayon'. Artificial silk. Synthetic. Maybe Uncomfortable. These surface level opinions may deter you from having a well-informed shopping experience. So here is a comprehensive guide on this material. In this guide, you will learn about some facts about this material, and how it should be properly handled.

INTRODUCTION : Rayon is a cheaper alternative to natural materials like silk and cotton. It is specifically engineered to suit our needs. Hence we get a value for money material which has a premium and natural feel.Historically Rayon was developed as a substitute for silk. It was the first man-made fibre. This material is obtained from the cellulose of wood and other plant matter. This is the reason why it is very similar to natural fibres like cotton and silk.

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MAINTENANCE :Now, we come to the crux of this blog post. How exactly do you maintain a piece of Rayon clothing? Here are some concise points you need to keep in mind.
Check the label: While some Rayon clothes are suitable for a machine wash, some labels specifically state if the material should be hand washed and/or dry-cleaned.
Iron on Low heat: higher temperatures are not suitable for this material.
Try to hang you Rayon clothes: Rayon is more likely to wrinkle under excess pressure. Hence you must either try to hang or lightly fold them.Try to hang you Rayon clothes: Rayon is more likely to wrinkle under excess pressure. Hence you must either try to hang or lightly fold them.
PROS AND CONS : Rayon is a good alternative to other natural fibres. Since it is derived from cellulose, it has a more natural look /feel. One thing you must keep in mind is that it becomes very delicate when wet and also is more likely to wrinkle. But under proper care, it can be a good choice.So, now that you know so much about this material, Why not check out some handpicked Rayon exclusives below.

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