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Redefine your travel look

Let’s discuss a few travel essentials that can make your trip even more exciting.

Who doesn’t love roaming around streets of different countries? Who doesn’t wish to witness beautiful sights and specialties of all cities? Who doesn’t desire the famous dishes and different cuisines of all places? Unfortunately there is a lot of transportation involved with this travel dream. Some trips involve the congested long car or train travel and some trips involve taking flights where we can be at ease. Let’s discuss a few travel essentials that can make your trip even more exciting.

We often hear people advising us to travel light and comfortable. One must keep in mind that the outfit should be weather appropriate. Short distance travel or long distance travel, it is important to be free in regards of your attire. It would be ideal for women to wear good cotton Pakistani kurta with palazzos. The kurta could have embroidery or semi-heavy work but it would be better to keep the palazzos simple and light. If you want to wear a western outfit, pair up your leggings with a sleeveless top and a long shrug. Depending on the climate and mode of transport, you can choose to wear the shrug or not. Any woman would agree that nothing can be more homely than leggings!

When it comes to accessories, I believe one should keep it minimal. It may hamper your snug. Probably a watch and studs can do it all. I’m sure your instagram feed is overflowing with pictures of actors in their ‘airport look’. I see them in long boots and heels to wonder how they manage! Avoid heels and stick to ballets or shoes. The long check-in and immigration lines at airports will legit break your legs in heel; most easy in car and train rides as well. Thus, with comfort comes style.

You should be able to survive even if you’re stranded on an island. Basically, your handbag must have absolutely everything you need. A tote bag or a bag pack as per your convenience must be the first decision. Mentioning a few significant travel buddies, none the less preferences might vary. You could most definitely use this as a checklist.

a) One cannot step out of the hose without a wallet containing cards cash and identity proofs. Just goes without saying!

b) Toiletries pouch including a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, deodorant, moisturizer, sunscreen, a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner (because we cannot always trust the hotel products)

c) Some mints to always be fresh and munchies to kill our time and hunger.

d) A travel pillow and eye mask to be at peace anywhere at any time by ignoring your surroundings.

e) A notebook and pen for your personal thoughts not to be forgotten or any specific reason. A story book would be a good friend in a flight.

f) A charger for your phone and laptop. Travel adapter would be ideal depending on your travel location.

g) Commute does not have to be tedious. It could be productive for some and amusing for some. Travelling is a part of peoples work or leisure for some. The purpose for all is different but the process must be fun for all.

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